We are a couple of artists, Guilherme Neumann and Lara Alcantara, graduated in Visual Arts from the Fine Arts University of São Paulo-SP/Brazil.

We worked together for 10 years, participated in various exhibitions, individual and collective. Toco-Oco began in 2012, at first we worked only with wood and fabric, producing dolls for children and adults, to play and to decorate. Gradually we feel the need to try more, and bring our knowledge in sculpture also to the Toco-Oco, showing the diversity of our work. Today we work with many materials including wood, resin, fabric, ceramics and wax.

We produce dolls, sculptures, wall installations, paintings, watercolors, and whatever else comes to mind. Our production is totally handmade and we take care of all the steps of the production even sending the pieces.

Thanks to our clients, who support us and believe in our work, today we can dream of doing what we love every day and raising our child with dignity.

Thank you so much,

Guilherme Neumann and Lara Alcantara