Q - Where are you based?

A - Small town near São Paulo, Brazil


Q - Why are there no sculptures available in the shop?

A - We produce small editions of pieces that are released once a month, and it usually gets sold out fast, if there aren't sculptures available it's because they sold out.


Q - What day of the month do you release new editions?

A - We usually release in the first week of the month, there are no release schedules and we always announce the exact day and time a few days before on our instagram and newsletter.


Q - What is the shipping time?

A - We usually take 15 working days to ship after the purchase, and the Fedex shipping time is around 5 days for any country.

Sometimes we do presales in which the shipping time is longer, but it is always on the product desciption.


Q - What is the shipping cost?

A - Around 30 usd worldwide


Q - What are the accepted payment methods?

A - Unfortunately the only way to receive online USD payments in Brazil is by PAYPAL. our paypal adress is [email protected] please send your payments to this email.

If you don't have paypal access and want to buy a piece, please get in touch by email [email protected] and we will find a way.


Q - I will have to pay customs taxes when the piece arrives?

A - Each country has their own policies about that, so please check about your country importing taxes before purchase, if you refuse to pay the taxes for the package we will have to pay the shipping costs to receive it back, and will discount this amount from the refund.


Q - Where can I find the shop policy about refund and damaged delivers?

A - The shop policy are inside the shop menu.


Q - In which material are the sculptures made of?

A - We use a lot of different materials and techniques, but usually they are resin cast, resin 3D print and wood. The exact material and technique used are always on the description of the piece on the shop.


Q - Do you accept commissions, collabs or license of image?

A - It all depends on the proposal, don´t hesitate to contact us if you want to do some project.


Q - How big are the editions?

A - It depends, but from 5 to 30, we also make unique pieces.

Q - Do you reedit old works?

A - Yes, but never exactly in the same way, we always change colors and elements of the pieces.


Q - How much does the sculptures costs?

A - It all depends on the size of the edition, the size of the piece and material used. but the price range is 250 ~ 600 USD


Q - Are the pieces handmade?

A - The pieces are reproductions of an original or 3D printed, but yes we clean, sand, glue, and hand paint all of them. Small imperfections are part of the handmade process so don't expect to receive a factory made figurine.


Most of the sculptures we make are fragile and don´t support impact, always keep them in a safe spot and away from pets. If it falls from a height of a table it will broke, take in mind that it is like a fragile porcelain teapot, so keep it with care.

Our work are not a toy and it wasn´t made for this purpose.


To clean the dust out of the piece use a clean and dry cloth.


All the pieces are varnished and can last for a long time if well preserved, avoid direct sun light exposure as it can fade the colors over time.


For the wooden pieces you can brush a coat of mineral oil to restore the wood color and lushness.


Bronze pieces oxidize over time and this is normal, you can use a metal cleaner product to restore the polished shining.